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Milk Chocolate coated Pretzel Bites

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Perfectly paired crunch of pretzel and peanut butter Awesome by themselves, but we  douse them in milk chocolate to get your taste buds singing.



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Try Our Crunchy Milk Chocolate Coated Pretzel Bites

The perfectly paired crunch of pretzel and peanut butter is already a match made in Heaven, but we made it even better by covering the whole thing in milk chocolate for the perfect crunchy, sweet, and salty snack.

Dulci sweets milk chocolate drenched pretzel bites are the perfect gift that brightens anyone's day! Our handcrafted premium and sweet milk chocolate compliments the salty pretzels in a magical way.

Try our milk chocolate-covered pretzels by the handfuls! Dulci sweets are a delicious and crunchy anytime snack and is the perfect sweet touch to any corporate occasion. Impress your customers, colleagues, and employees with a salty and sweet thank you. Our famous handmade milk chocolate-covered pretzels are a top choice for any corporate event. Find and send a thoughtful sweet and salty corporate gift.

Looking For Corporate Gifts For Employees and Clients?

Make "sweet connections" over corporate chocolate gifts that leave a smooth flavor and lasting impression long after the first bite. Add a sweet and savory treat to any corporate event with dulci sweets corporate chocolate gifts, wow employees, and delight clients with delicious morsels of chocolate treats. Dulci sweets provides single products or bundled options with custom branding and bulk volume pricing.

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