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Frequently Asked Questions

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Dulci Sweets is a very cool Chocolate sweets company. Home to what will be the World famous chocolate trios and the finest handmade chocolates you will ever have.


Meaning behind the 'Trio' focus – represents The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.


Trio of offerings - Products, Corporate Gifts, Apparel. 

Trio of services - Fundraising, Mission Partners, Community

Core Values - God, Family, Country, Community 

Sinners Saved By Grace!

We are Not perfect we’re just Patriots.


This is not your typical, ordinary, everyday chocolate company.


Who we are and who we want to market to:

We are a Niche; Christian, Conservative business.  We want to be the light in a dark world and bring joy to a similarly aligned group of people/businesses who are feeling the divide in our nation and need to take a step back and take inventory on what really matters. We want to target this sector. 


Our Brand (You no longer need to compromise on the chocolate you choose or where it comes from)

We’re Family owned, God Fearing, America loving patriots who value where our time and money are being spent, and making the best use of both.  With a focus on a specific selection of fun, old fashioned, handmade, nostalgia; and of an older time, we want our customers to experience a world of our grandparents where the handshake was a contract and a friendship was a lasting bond.  Neighbors looked out for each other and family was valued first, just under God. 

When you buy with us, you know your values are aligned with ours and you feel good about buying and sharing with others.  We are not for everyone and we will not compromise our principles.  


Nothing but The Best

Dulci product goodness is both a commitment and a promise. A commitment to create the finest, handmade, most amazing flavorful candies right here in the United States. Using time tested family recipes and only the best, wholesome ingredients. With a promise to deliver a most extraordinary, personalized experience found in each box, bag, or individual chocolate purposefully designed to bring a smile to your face and joy to your life. Each and every part of the process and every piece of candy is crafted from the heart with the belief that every good and perfect gift comes from God. (James 1:17)


Mission Partners:

We Are Better Together. We are born to be our brothers keeper. 



Compliment and Complete one another. 

Add Value to others. 

Surround yourself with friends that not only help you do more, but be more. They Add Value to you and expand your impact. 


Goodness created to be shared is the foundation to EVERYTHING we do. 


For God created us in his image to do his good works and be a light unto the world. 


We are further called to be our brothers keeper. To Compliment and Complete one another so that we may do more and be more than we ever could alone. 


This is why we are committed to partnering with quality, proven organizations dedicated to causes that are Christ-centered. That value family, education, and freedom. That lift up people in need, bring the word of God to the world, protect and fight for our children, preparing them for victory. 


A portion of every single purchase (Goodness Shared) goes to the highlighted mission of the quarter. 

Every Trio is packaged in a Dulci Sweets Branded box.  Inside the front lip (when opened) read the words " YOU ARE WORTHY" and has the option to include a pre-written or personalized message to the recipient.  Great for those special occasion wishes.   

We ship our product anywhere in the continental United States. So, if Aunt Bea needs a birthday gift box of chocolate, we will make sure to get it to her.

Chocolate will melt quickly, so in the warmer climates or in the summer, chocolate will be shipped at your own risk. We recommend upgrading to next day or one day shipping. And ship Tues-Thurs to ensure the product doesn’t sit in some hot warehouse over the weekend.

An optional "cold box" (Styrofoam lined box) can be purchased at an additional cost, if you would like your chocolate to be better protected from heat.  Please reach out to us for pricing on this, as it does depend on the quantity and size of package.

Yes, we offer a variety of our products at wholesale pricing.  Please contact us to discuss what it is you may be looking for.

Yes, we partner with a variety of schools, sports teams and private groups to provide a quality fundraising option where they can earn some money to off-set training costs or to earn money for their organization.   
We package this option in a specific, easy to use, online platform to keep it as easy as possible for students and committee members.
Please reach out to us to discuss products, percentages, and the process.

Yes.  We offer our products at discount for businesses wanting to partner with us for employee or customer recognition.  We know you are busy, so we want to take the burden out of gifting. 

That's why you can give us a list for the year, for the season or even share your calendar with us and we will make sure your gifts go out on time with your personalized greeting. Give us a call and we will work with you to cusomize a plan and even a package for your business.