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Brock Bites

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A perfect combination of Caramel wrapped in a creamy layer of Milk Chocolate. Dulci sweets offers a delightful array of confections, including their signature Brock Bite chocolate, known for its irresistible blend of flavors and textures. From classic favorites to innovative treats, dulci sweets crafts each Brock Bite chocolate with a delicious amount of attention to quality, ensuring that every bite is a delightful experience. Pop a couple of these in your mouth for a quick treat that your mouth will thank you for.


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Customer Reviews

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Bill Montgomery
Tasty, Creamy, Chewy Nuggets

The quality of the chocolate and caramel in Brock Bites might be unmatched. The texture and taste are a delight! Grab a bag and prove me wrong. You won't be disappointed!

Scott Preston
Great job, great chocolate!

It’s a wonderful gift idea. Can’t miss.
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Brock candies have been a nostalgic favorite for generations, with their classic flavors and vibrant colors bringing back fond memories of childhood treats enjoyed with friends and family. Dulci's signature Brock Bites are the perfect way to tell someone you're thinking about them. Caramel covered in creamy milk chocolate makes these the perfect, decadent sweet treat for anyone. Try dulci's sweet bites of caramel and milk chocolate goodness for a quick sweet snack.

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Make "sweet connections" over corporate chocolate gifts that leave a smooth flavor and lasting impression long after the first bite. Add a sweet and savory treat to any corporate event with dulci sweets corporate chocolate gifts, wow employees, and delight clients with delicious morsels of chocolate treats. Dulci sweets provides single products or bundled options with custom branding and bulk volume pricing.

Send your loved ones dulci sweets brock bites! Our sweet brock bites are a perfectly paired combination of creamy and rich milk chocolate along with sweet and salty caramel. You can't go wrong with our perfect anytime snack that comes with an elevated and empowering custom message. Show your family and loved ones appreciation with dulci sweets brock bites.

Try dulci sweet's signature brock bites! Our brock bites are handcrafted from dulci's timeless family recipe of rich decadent chocolate and creamy caramel that comes together and forms a perfect harmony of sweet and salty.

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