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Our Themed Trio's of sweets and chocolates makes it simple and fun when choosing delicious treats for any occasion

Find your themed famous chocolate trios of sweets and chocolates for any occasion and add your own personal touch with a personalized message at dulci sweets. We're making the sweets and chocolate famous trios a classic! Build your own classic famous chocolate trio with our hand-crafted dark chocolate almond turtles or our sweet and salty milk chocolate drizzled caramel corn. Enjoy handfuls of one of our sweet and rich chocolate-covered pretzel bites complemented with blends of almond peanuts, cranberries, and creamy caramel-drizzled corn. Ducli sweets have sweets and chocolates that make for a delicious surprise for anyone. Stock your pantries and celebrate life with sweets and chocolates from dulci sweets! So go ahead and have some chocolate! We also have options to build your own chocolate trios or you can choose from any sweet and chocolate trios that bless you with an out-of-this-world experience. Indulge in our hand-crafted chocolate famous trios that are made with a purpose by our tried-and-true family recipe that is delivered with a message.

Why choose dulci sweets for delicious trios of chocolate gifts for your business gifts?

Our handcrafted chocolate products are made from the finest ingredients. Add a delicious business gift to any special occasion or holiday event. Dulci sweet's unique chocolate gift sets are a perfect delicious treat for any chocolate lover! Our trios of chocolate gifts stand out at any corporate celebration with a variety of delicious snacks. Indulge in our sweet and salty cracked toffee or our mouth-watering crispy cookies, either way, dulci sweets trios of chocolate gifts are sure to put a smile on everyone's face. Dulci sweets use blends of rich chocolates that create a lifelong love for our famous chocolate trios. We help you discover the joy of fresh handmade chocolates as a tasty treat for yourself or for a popular chocolate gift. Choose our delicious and famous chocolate trios for the perfect tasty touch for business gifts or for something sweet to show your appreciation to friends and family. Our trios of chocolate gifts form a delicious and sweet harmony with the perfect assortment of premium nuts as well as rich and smooth chocolates. Build your own trio of chocolate gifts and create amazing moments of joy and delicious delight! Dulci sweets create chocolate gifts with time, care, and the most decadent chocolates. Our rich and famous trios are the perfect mouth-watering treat for any occasion.

Show your friends and loved ones just how much you care with dulci sweet's famous trios of chocolate gifts. Our trios of chocolate gift sets make any occasion special and memorable. Try our night at the Ball Park set that has delicious peanut turtles, and salty popcorn drizzled with sweet caramel, while also adding a sweet twist to almonds, peanuts, and cranberries. Top it all off with a pair of chocolate and caramel stir spoons, a special dulci sweets coffee mug, and a customized gift message that will bring joy to anyone receiving our classic trios of chocolate gifts. Dulci sweet's famous chocolate trios come in a variety of ways! There is our ever-famous Turtle Trios that brings the delicious turtle madness! You will receive 8 oz of almonds drenched in caramel and creamy chocolate, 8 oz of cashew turtles, and 8 oz of peanut turtles. The delicious chocolate-covered nuts also come with two stirring spoons that are dipped in caramel and chocolate as well as a ducli sweets coffee mug to start your day with.

Our trios of chocolates are the perfect anytime gift. Add a delicious touch to any occasion and express your appreciation through the sweetness of dulci sweets famous chocolate trio gifts.

Send a trio of chocolate gifts to friends and family! Our chocolate trios come with a heartfelt message and are sure to brighten up someone's day. Have a friend that has a famous sweet tooth? Do you know a family member that loves dark chocolate? Have a milk chocolate obsession? Dulci sweets have the perfect amount of salty and sweet in every trio of chocolate gifts sure to make everyone keep reaching for another piece. At dulci sweets we take joy in creating savory chocolate trios for all of your special occasions. To us it is more than just chocolate, our famous chocolate trios or handmade with a purpose. Handmade with our time-tested family recipes, we have faith that our rich and creamy chocolate trios will bring a smile to your face.