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Dried Skittles Classic Flavor 3oz

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An Ever-Sweeter Twist on a Timeless Classic!

This version of an already popular candy will leave your taste buds popping!  From soft to crunchy, this variety is packed full of flavor in each and every bite.


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Dulci Sweet's Freeze Dried Skittles!

Dulci Sweet's freeze-dried Skittles offers a unique twist to the classic candy experience. These vibrant and flavorful treats undergo a specialized freeze-drying process that transforms the chewy texture of regular Skittles into a delightfully crunchy and airy sensation. The result is a snack that preserves the iconic fruity taste of Skittles while introducing a novel and satisfying crunch. The freeze-drying technique locks in the bold colors and intense flavors, creating a snack that bursts with taste with every bite. Whether you're a Skittles enthusiast or seeking a new way to enjoy this beloved candy, Dulci Sweet's freeze-dried Skittles provide a delectable and innovative treat for those looking to experience familiar flavors in a fresh and exciting way.

What Exactly Are Freeze Dried Skittles?

The process of freeze-drying Skittles begins with carefully selected batches of the iconic candies. First, the Skittles are spread out in a single layer on trays, ensuring even exposure to the freezing temperatures. Next, they are placed into a vacuum chamber where the temperature is lowered significantly, causing the water content within the Skittles to freeze. Then, through a process called sublimation, the frozen water transitions directly from a solid to a gas without passing through the liquid phase. This removes the moisture from the Skittles while preserving their shape, color, and flavor. The result is freeze-dried Skittles with a satisfyingly crunchy texture and intense fruity taste that remains unchanged from the original candies. This meticulous process ensures that each batch of freeze-dried Skittles maintains the quality and deliciousness that fans of the candy have come to expect.