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Limited Edition: Cardale Jones Specialty Tumbler with Buckeye Bark & Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Popcorn

dulci sweets

A Tribute to The Rivalry 

A 20 oz. uniquely crafted specialty Cardale Jones tumbler that captures the essence of victory. This collector's item is a celebration of talent, dedication, and the spirit of the Scarlet and Gray.

Sweet Symphony: Experience the perfect blend of flavors with 2 (5oz.) boxes of our decadent Buckeye Bark. Each piece is a fusion of smooth peanut butter and rich dark chocolate, creating an irresistible treat that pays homage to the Ohio State Buckeyes' legacy.

Popcorn Perfection: Delight your taste buds with a 6 oz. bag of our Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Popcorn – a delightful combination of crunchy popcorn, velvety caramel, and a drizzle of decadent chocolate. It's the ideal companion to your game day festivities or a cozy night in.

In honor of the epic showdown between The Ohio State University and the Team up North, we present a Super Exclusive, One-Of-A-Kind dulci sweets package available TODAY! This limited-time offer is a nod to the unmatched excitement and tradition of the greatest rivalry in sports.

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